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Mrs L Williman
Mrs L Williman
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Mrs Kurdynowska
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Miss Page
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Miss Robertson
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Mrs Pizzochero
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A warm welcome to our year page. If your child is in Foundation please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in. Note that this page doesn't replace the school newsletters - those can be accessed here: Newsletters.

Classroom code of conductChild hand up

This list was put together by the pupils themselves in the first week of term. All the ideas came from the children themselves, and they know they must do their best to abide by them.

  1. We sit sensibly
  2. We work quietly
  3. We play nicely
  4. We share
  5. We help each other
  6. We line up sensibly
Weekly Timetable

Children and parents please familiarise yourself with the outline weekly timetable for your class, available here or by clicking the link on the right. It will help you to remember for example which day you will your PE kit is in school, though you will of course need your indoor shoes every day and your book bag every day.

Please note that this is an outline timetable only as some scheduled activities may be changed due to other in school events happening that week.

CurriculumChild curriculum

For the curriculum information sheet for this term, please click here: Curriculum map.

This term's topic is Dinosaurs.

This term we will be learning about Dinosaurs. We will introduce the topic with a fantastic visit to the Sedgwick Museum to discover how we know about dinosaurs and learning about fossils. We will also be finding about places Far and Wide including the Arctic and China and then other countries of interest to the children. We will be finding out about the different weather and time zones as well as cultural differences.

Wild Wood Tuesdays

This term we will be exploring the Wild Woods. We will use this wonderful resource as a fantastic stimulus for literacy and creative work. We require volunteers to accompany us to the woods, so please come and join us!

Our experience of taking children into the woods is that those children who have lots warm clothing and waterproof coats and trousers have the most wonderful time.

Please see below for suggested clothing which will help your child get the most from this wonderful experience.

  • Waterproof trousers
  • Waterproof coat
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Lots of layers to keep warm
  • Wellington boots

Waterproof clothing and warm layers are suggested as children may wish to sit down and we will be going into the woodland whatever the weather!

We will be spending a 2 hour session in the woods followed by exciting activities in class building on their experiences.

HomeworkChild homework

This term children will bring home next step goals to learn at home. Please practise with your child at home throughout the week. When a child achieves their next step we celebrate on a Friday by launching their rocket. Next steps will be on a range of subjects such as: handwriting, learning new sounds, reading high frequency words, learning number facts or fastening their coats by themselves. We expect some next steps will take longer than a week to achieve, but once they have returned the reply slip to say that have mastered it we will send a new next step home the following Friday.

Please try to hear your child read as often as you can and record it in their red reading record. Children love a routine, whilst reading daily is ideal, try to choose a time when your child isn't tired. We hear children read weekly as part of a group. Please keep books and red reading records in book bags and bring book bags to school every day. Children will be encouraged to bring home a picture book of their choice to share with you at bedtime. Please don't worry if they choose the same book frequently as young children often enjoy hearing their favourite story again and again!

We will continue to have daily phonics lessons. Click the video link below to see and hear correct articulation of the phonemes we're learning.

We teach cursive handwriting in school, forming letters in the style that can be found here. Every lower case letter starts on the line, shown by a red dot.

Activities outside the classroomChild outside school

Here is a list of the activities that take the children outside the classroom this term

  • PE activities weekly on Friday and on the Tuesdays that we are not going to the woods.
  • We can store wellington boots in the classroom if you would prefer your child to wear these outside.
  • Wild Wood Tuesdays – see above
Classroom activitiesChild in class

We will continue Show and Tell on Fridays. The children will be allocated a house family, and children from each house family take it in turns each week to talk to the whole class. This is a very valuable experience and we would encourage you to help your child to prepare what they would like to say. We would love to hear about days out, special family occasions they have enjoyed or something your child is really good at or enjoys doing. The other children are then invited to ask questions. The 'talk' and questions last about two minutes. This is a very valuable part of the curriculum which helps the children to develop speaking and listening skills. The house whose turn it is that week will be displayed on the communication board outside the classroom.