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Welcome to the Fun & Games Page!

Keyboard Skills
Wouldn't it be cool to be able to type really well, and without having to look at the keyboard all the time ? Well, test your skills out with DanceMat Typing!

You'll need your speakers on for this one as you'll have a goat, a giraffe, a tortoise or another animal guiding you. Good luck!!

DanceMat Typing

Moon Maths
If you're a hot typist, you may want to test out your maths. Do you know your times tables ? Maybe, but are you quick enough to click the alien that has the right answer ?


Famous People
What do you know about history ? If you click the Famous People link below you can learn about Christopher Columbus, Samuel Pepys and many others. Test yourself out with the quizzes.

Famous People

Build Sandcastles
Do you need to learn how to spell ? Click on the correct spellings in this test and build yourself a sandcastle!

Sandcastle Quiz

ICT Games
This is a great site for children in Foundation and Year 1.

ICT Games