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Welcome to our Year 3 page! If your child is in Year 3 please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in. Note that this page doesn't replace the school newsletters - those can be accessed here: Newsletters.

Classroom code of conductChild hand up

This list was put together by the pupils themselves in the first week of term. All the ideas came from the children themselves, and they know they must do their best to abide by them.

  1. We keep our classroom tidy
  2. We are helpful, respectful and kind to each other
  3. We try to improve our work
  4. We try our best
  5. We listen to each other
Weekly Timetable

Children and parents please familiarise yourself with the outline weekly timetable for your class, available here or by clicking the link on the right. It will help you to remember for example which day you will your PE kit is in school, though you will of course need your indoor shoes every day and your book bag every day.

Please note that this is an outline timetable only as some scheduled activities may be changed due to other in school events happening that week.

CurriculumChild curriculum

For the curriculum information sheet for this term, please click here: Curriculum map.

Our main learning context this term is The Tudors.

The children will be finding out about the Tudors through the story of Henry VIII's marriages. We will also find out about other Tudor monarchs and their lives.

The children will also learn about the differences between the lives of rich and poor people in Tudor times, including what diseases there were and what the crimes and punishments were like.

We will be visiting Kentwell Hall towards the end of term, where the children will be able to dress up as poor Tudors and immerse themselves in everyday Tudor life! Kentwell hall

In Art, Year 3 will be looking at Tudor portraits and will be creating their own portraits using drawing, painting and collage techniques. The children will be designing and making a Tudor purse (that they will take to Kentwell Hall) which will involve them learning a variety of sewing techniques.

In Science, we will be exploring what plants need to grow and be healthy. We will be learning about lifecycles of plants and how plants change as they grow. Also in Science we will be learning about how shadows are created and how they change over a day. We will be learning about light sources and in particular the sun. Both topics will include a number of scientific investigations.

We will be continuing to read an age appropriate version of 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare during our DLG sessions text this term. We look forward to discussing the book and sharing our thoughts and opinions.

HomeworkChild homework

Please try to hear your children read and record it in their red reading record. We ask the children to use these reading records in school so please ensure that children bring their book bag and reading record book EVERY DAY. Some children in Year 3 are developing their independence in reading and may want to read on their own. This is to be encouraged if they are reading fluently but will benefit from some discussions about the book with you afterwards.

Times tables or division facts will be sent home in yellow homework books every Friday and weekly spellings and DLG information will be sent by parentmail every Friday. The children will be tested on these number facts and spellings the following week. Spellings are best worked on little and often and they should keep practising them at home over the week. If children can practise for 5 or 10 minutes every day, it will be more beneficial than one long session. I will continue to check that spellings and number facts are being practised in the yellow book.

Children will be receiving information about their homework research project during the first week of term. Alongside their weekly reading, spelling and times table homework they will be expected to complete at least 3 pieces of extended research work linked to our history project on The Tudors. The children are required to spend time each week researching their chosen tasks and will be asked to present their work in class at the end of this half term.

Activities outside the classroomChild outside school

Here is a list of the activities that take the children outside the classroom this term

  • Swimming every Tuesday morning for 10 weeks, during the summer term. Please remember to bring your swimming kit.
  • PE will be every Thursday afternoon. Please remember to bring your PE kit on a Monday so it is always to hand - and always have a bottle of water in class.
  • Educational visit to Kentwell Hall
  • Visits to the Wild Wood
  • Gardening: This term the class gardeners will be keeping the garden clear of weeds, and harvesting the fruit and vegetables that have been grown
Classroom activitiesChild in class

Topic work
The children will be working very hard this term on a range of activities across the curriculum. Where possible this will be based around our main topic of The Tudors, so if you have any books, information or relevant objects, children are welcome to bring these in to support our learning.

As they are growing up fast, we are currently helping them to develop their independence in school. It would really help your child if you could begin to allow them to come into school on their own as soon as they feel ready to do so. Thank you for your cooperation in this.