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A warm welcome to our year page. If your child is in Year 6 please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in. Note that this page doesn't replace the school newsletters - those can be accessed here: Newsletters.

Classroom code of conductChild hand up

All the ideas came from the children themselves, and they know they must do their best to abide by them.

  • Be a buddy not a bully.
  • Do not give up, you will get it in the end.
  • Have fun but be safe.
  • Listen to the person speaking and do not talk while they are.
  • Use the hall properly.
  • Think carefully about how to organise your time.
  • Contribute ideas to a relevant lesson.
  • Do not get involved in things that you do not need to know.
  • Concentrate on your work.
  • Be polite and use your manners.
  • Tuck your chair in at all times.
  • Respect people's thoughts and feelings.
  • It is everyone's responsibility to keep the classroom tidy.
  • Mistakes are a way to learn.
  • Make sensible decisions not silly ones.
  • Use the classroom properly.
  • Return items back to where they came from.
  • Keep the cloakroom tidy.
  • If you are kind and good then you will always be happy.
  • Have a world of imagination.
Weekly Timetable

Children and parents please familiarise yourself with the outline weekly timetable for your class, available here or by clicking the link on the right. It will help you to remember for example which day you will your PE kit is in school, though you will of course need your indoor shoes every day and your book bag every day.

Please note that this is an outline timetable only as some scheduled activities may be changed due to other in school events happening that week.

CurriculumChild curriculum

For the curriculum information sheet for this term, please click here: Curriculum map.

For a short overview of the National Curriculum tests that are taking place at the end of this academic year, please visit this website and watch the video entitled KS2 tests 2016.

English, Music and Drama

"Wind in the Willows" by Mark and Helen Johnson. Script by Sue Langwade.
The children will develop their speaking & listening; acting; singing and performance skills. They will take the main roles, and the play will be performed at Netherhall School in July.


Number: The children will be identifying patterns and using formulae to complete calculations.

Measures: The children will be making objects for a purpose. Also they will be using directions and bearings.

Using and applying: The children will be looking at sequences; practical problems and methodical ways of working including to solve problems. Furthermore they will be creating accurate working models.


Evolution: The children will look at aspects of evolution. They will look over aspects of how different creatures evolved in the way that they have over many years. Furthermore the children will be undertaking research as well as several practical experiments.

Living things and habitats: The children will look at food chains. keys, micro-organisms and the creatures that are living in their immediate environment.

Religious Education

What is it like to be a Christian in the dioceses of Vellore? The Church of South India is the result of the union of churches of varying traditions: Anglican, Methodist, Congregational, Presbyterian, and Reformed. It was inaugurated in September 1947,. The children will be learning about all of these things and more concerning Vellore.

Physical Education

Net Games: Children will develop and practice their tennis skills including the use of the correct grip: fore-hand, back hand, and reliably returning a tennis ball including the sustaining of a rally. Also the children will build towards playing a tennis game.

Athletics: The class will be running short and longer distances; learning about how to pace themselves. In addition they will be looking at the techniques used in relay racing, and hurdling as well as other athletic disciplines such as throwing different weighted and balanced objects e.g. balls, quoits and javelins. They will be aiming for longer and more accurate distances.

Batting and fielding: Rounders: The class will be looking at the important triumvirate of backstop, first base and bowler. The children will understand the importance of team work when playing rounders. The class will apply their learning of fielding and batting to games of cricket.


Cherry Hinton since 1948: Using personal testimony, artefacts, photographs and other sources the children will find out about the history of Cherry Hinton.


Biomes: The children will use the internet to find out about the 5 key biomes around the world. They will research what kinds of animals live in these places, what kinds of plants grow there as well as what natural and man-made problems these regions face.


Internet use: The children will continue to learn the importance of internet safety when undertaking research about biomes in geography.

Coding: the children will be looking at how coding impacts on our lives. They will be completing several activities on the computer.

Design and Technology

Moveable vehicles: The children will create a moving vehicle that can be propelled without the aid of an electric motor. They will use a range of materials and tools and learn the importance of measuring, cutting and joining accurately.

Baking: The children will be making different sorts of pastries including jam tarts, crumble and shortbread.

Slippers The children will be cutting, fixing and sewing different materials and creating some new slippers!

HomeworkChild homework

From now on the main homework will be revision.

SATs week is from Monday 8th May until Thursday 11th May. These are statutory tests.

The SATs Week timetable is as follows:

Monday 8th May 2017
  • Reading Comprehension
Tuesday 9th May 2017
  • Punctuation and Grammar Test
  • Spelling Test
Wednesday 10th May 2017
  • Mathematics Arithmetic Test Paper 1
  • Mathematics Reasoning Test Paper 2
Thursday 11th May 2017
  • Mathematics Reasoning Test Paper 3

I have always found the following link helpful - Grammar For Writing: Glossary - and the following two supplementary resources are recommended for work at home:

Activities outside the classroomChild outside school

Year 6 will be helping in the school garden this term, keeping the area tidy, and watching for autumn-sown plants such as daffodils, broad beans, garlic and onions to appear.